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Come Into the Meadows

Come into the meadows, beautiful and green,
Primroses and cowslips blooming there are seen,
Buttercups and daisies springing everywhere,
Violets and cuckoo flowers peeping here and there.

Come into the meadows, greet the lark at morn
Rising from the clover-field or the springing corn;
Join his notes of gladness rosy clouds among,
Follow him, oh, follow him with a merry song.

Come into the meadows, where the lambkins play,
Skip with them all merry through the summer day;
Down the dells and valleys, up the banks now run,
Sport among the shadows, gambol in the sun.

Come into the meadows at the cooling hour,
When the dewdrops glisten on the closing flower
When the stars are twinkling through the vapours dim,
Think of thy Creator, sing a song to him.




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