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Lily's Awakening


Awake, my Lily, come and see
This robin red-breast on the tree;
Open your drowsy eyes!
Spring up from bed and see him now,
He's lighting on the highest bough,
Come quick before he flies.


Yes, dear mamma, I see the bird,
And sweeter notes I never heard
Than he is singing now;
I hope he will not fly away,
But sit and sing the livelong day
On this, his favourite bough.


The birds must build their nests in spring,
They have to work as well as sing
To their Creator's praise;
Since early dawn, dear Lily, he
Has warbled out from yonder tree
His very sweetest lays.

Now tell me who has kindly kept
My little Lily while she slept;
Who heard her evening prayer,
And gently closed the weary eye,
Nor suffered danger to come nigh,
But kept her in his care?


I laid me down, mamma, and slept,
Because our heavenly Father kept
His child through all the night;
And now I lift my heart and pray,
O God, I thank thee for this day,
That I may see its light.

When all my friends were fast asleep,
Thou didst my soul in safety keep,
And took kind care of me;
Father in heaven, O hear me now,
As at thy feet I humbly bow,
To ask a gift of thee.

Give me thy Spirit from above,
That I may Learn to know and love
My best and dearest Friend,
The Saviour, who hath died for me,
That I his little lamb may be;
O Lord, thy Spirit send!

And now be with me all the day,
That whether I'm at work or play,
I may remember then
The eye of God is still on me.
Oh, help me thy dear child to be,
For Jesus' sake—Amen.




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