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Mrs Snipkin and Mrs Wobblechin

Skinny Mrs Snipkin,
With her little pipkin,
Sat by the fireside
a-warming of her toes.
Fat Mrs Wobblechin,
With her little doublechin,
Sat by the window
a-cooling of her nose.

Says this one to that one,
"O! you silly fat one,
Will you shut the window down?
you're freezing me to death?"
Says that one to t'other one,
"Good gracious, how you bother one!
"There isn't air enough for me
to draw my precious breath.

Skinny Mrs Snipkin,
Took her little pipkin,
Threw it straight across the room
as hard as she could throw.
Hit Mrs Wobblechin
On her little doublechin,
And out of the window
a-tumble she did go.



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